Pawutsy model Pawutsy model Front view Terrific combination of stucco, cedar and stone work 18993540 Redwood decking Wrap around redwood decking - standard! 18993537 Rear view Stone and cedar accents on the stucco 18993536 Spectacular clerestory ceiling! Tongue and groove wood accent the spectacular clerestory windows in the living room 18993545 Hardwood floors You can choose hardwood floors throughout! 18993547 Covered porch and beautiful entry door Covered deck on front with a beautiful and dramatic entryway 18993539 Hardwood floors in the dining room Beautiful hardwood floors in your dining room - standard 18993546 Master bath sinks Note the raised cabinets, custom ceramic tile and dropped makeup table! 18993534 Redwood decking off the dining room Custom built decking to fit your environment - standard on Terra Verde Homes 18993538 Main bath! Beautiful raised cabinets, ceramic tile, and custom fixtures in the main bath too! 18993535 Kitchen cabinets Sold hickory cabinets in the kitchen - standard 18993544 Front view of home Look at the elegant lines on this home! 18993561 Massive garage The garage on this home is over 1000 square feet - standard! 18993562 Upgraded options throughout! Cast extra deep sink with custom fixtures - standard 18993563 Kitchen view Upgraded appliances match beautifully with the fabulous hickory cabinets 18993564 Living room Your living room can be warm and cozy with carpeting, too! 18993565 Double sinks in master bath Double sinks, ceramic tile, raised cabinets, and custom fixtures - all standard! 18993548